AZJFON History

Justice for Our Neighbors is a network of sites across the country that provides free or low-cost immigration legal services for low-income immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers. JFON attorneys meet with clients at legal clinics in churches and community centers, through referrals and scheduled appointments.

Dreaming of JFON During the past years, many dreamed of having an Arizona Justice For Our Neighbors (JFON). A task force worked on the possibilities in 2012 and 2013. Many of those members were United Methodist Women, who with tremendous support and leadership from Billie Fidlin, began initial research but at the time the minimum budget seemed astronomical. The early dreams were not able to get off the ground.

Coming to Desert Southwest Conference In November 2015 five members of the Immigration Task Force were revitalized at a General Board of Church and Society retreat in Des Moines, Iowa. They dreamed wide and prepared a draft of a strategic plan for an Arizona Justice For Our Neighbors. Ella Rawls joined our enthusiastic group last fall and with the full support of Bishop Bob Hoshibata in December 2016 the Immigration Task Force formed the Future Arizona Justice For Our Neighbors (JFON) Board of Directors. We currently are blessed with twelve active board members with a passion to make our dream come true.

We had a soft launch on November 1, 2017 to prepare to offer immigration legal services. After much preparation and organizing we had our very first clinic on January 13th, 2018. We held 5 consultations and we have trained multiple volunteers. The atmosphere was very positive and noon snuck up on all of us!

Our current focus is on family-based immigration, however anyone with an immigration legal question is welcome to call ahead and set up a clinic appointment at 520-488-3201.We have multiple volunteer and leadership opportunities as well, if you are interested in getting involved please call our office or email us at .

We are located at 1130 E Bilby Road. Tucson, Arizona 85706